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Based on this definition, Healthcare BPO can then be explained as an activity in which a healthcare company outsources its non-core operations to a third party. The healthcare provider contracts with a vendor to continue operating its secondary activities for them. Some companies hire a firm specializing in outsourcing, such as a call center, while others opt to subcontract directly with freelance professionals.

Structural changes within the healthcare industry are driving significant growth and expanded regulatory oversight. As the industry shifts from a culture of reaction to one of prevention, interaction complexity increases. Call Centers bridge the gap between reaction and prevention by leveraging digital tools, analytics, and effective case management to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Regardless of the industry niche, healthcare contact centers play an important role in healthcare’s ongoing evolution, contributing to the industry’s financial well being while also supporting favorable patient outcomes.

Organizations prefer to outsource their non-core tasks so they can concentrate on their core business of providing efficient treatment for their patients. Depending on outside employees and facilities to handle non medical patient issues, accounting, and technology related to computers and information services allows healthcare providers to put more, if not all, of their effort into patient care.

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