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Trying to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance of your call center services? Do you know how long it takes to resolve a customer query? Are your customer's queries resolved in the first call itself? What is the relevancy score of your answers? Improve your call center performance and keep up with compliance by choosing AnnBri call auditing services.

Call auditing is vital for any call center service provider. When businesses outsource call auditing activities, it helps them focus on core functions with better efficiency. AnnBri with over 15 years of experience in serving call centers for different countries, has become a partner of choice and trusted outsourcing partner in the field of call auditing services.

As a call auditing service providing company, we understand that an effective process flow which goes hand-in-hand with the team and infrastructure is more essential to deliver services as promised. With more than a decade's experience, we have set up a stringent process flow that always runs in line with each completed task without any lags in executing the tasks. Our unique process flow is as follows:-

  • Call Quantity Auditing
  • Auditing Call Handling Time
  • Resolution Auditing
  • Call Drop Auditing
  • Answer Relevance Auditing

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